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      BFA Methodology 

The Brazilian Futebol Academy - BFA training methodology utilizes a combination of several soccer and futsal exercises, games, and tools in order to develop a complete player. Our holistic, 360° approach aims to assist players to reach their full potential. Each player is unique and learns in a different way, so while we train in groups or within a team environment, our focus remains on each individual player. In order to provide a better learning experience, we utilize a mixed approach combining analytical, global and integrated methods.

Specialized Coaching Staff

BFA coaching staff are highly specialized in player development. Our coaches and strategic partners have several years of experience with soccer in Brazil and abroad, including experience with S.C. Internacional, the club ranked number one in player development in Brazil. In addition, BFA’s coaches hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in Physical Education and in Sport Management, dominating the complexity of disciplines needed to correctly apply our methodology. This combination of academic background and experience at top clubs is a vital aspect of our services and it further differentiates us in the industry.

World Champion Strategic Partners

BFA is proud to have strategic partners Claudio Taffarel, 1994 FIFA World Champion, and Eduardo Basso, 1985 Futsal World Champion, directly involved with our academy.  They were trained by the same Brazilian system and the same level of specialized coaches and trainers we seek to bring to the US.  They oversee and collaborate the training methodology, serve as role models for our youth players, and further strengthen our network with top Brazilian and international soccer personnel.

Established Relationships with Top Brazilian Clubs

Brazil is the only country to win the World Cup a record 5 times, and the only to win the Futsal World Cup a record 6 times. In addition, Brazil is known worldwide for the high number of elite players created by its professional clubs and their player development systems. Many of the most famous clubs in the world, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, and Manchester United, regularly hire Brazilian stars. We not only model our program after Internacional's, but we also maintain a close relationship with professionals at that club as well as at other top Brazilian clubs such as Grêmio and Cruzeiro. This also allows us to create superior international exchange programs for our players.

 Advisory Board: Subject Experts & Ongoing Research

BFA has established an advisory board composed of PhDs in Sport Management, Physical Education and related fields, coaches and professionals currently working at an elite level in Brazil, and former professional players.  This intellectual capital group keeps our management and coaching staff current in latest research and its applications in order to optimize our program offerings, and complements our company culture and philosophy.

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