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Brazilian Futebol Academy - BFA

  • Top training methodology

  • Quality instruction

  • Excellent field and equipment

BFA is a premier soccer academy based at SDCCU Stadium (formerly Qualcomm Stadium), in San Diego. Featuring top training methodology, quality instruction and excellent field and equipment, our mission is to provide an outstanding soccer player development program in the US, similar to those in Brazil, and to contribute to the expansion of soccer as a major sport in the United States. Our partners include FIFA World Champion Cláudio Taffarel and Futsal World Champion Eduardo Valdez Basso.


Our programs are designed in an age-appropriate model to work on all aspects of a soccer player's abilities, while incorporating elements that have set Brazilian players apart from their peers, such as technique, creativity, superior skills, finesse, improvisation, and the magic of Brazilian soccer. In addition to teaching soccer specific skills, we also work to improve our player's game understanding, cognitive skills, and physical literacy, including balance, coordination, running technique, mechanics, etc.


BFA is not a club, so both club and non-club players are welcome. We group the players based on both age and skill level in order to provide a program that is appropriate for each child. If you are looking for a soccer program with a professional designed methodology, experienced coaches, and a positive and enriching learning environment, join BFA.

“There is no magic elixir, nor is there an easy system to emulate from other parts of the world. Certainly if we could re-create the way Brazil develops players, we’d be the first to sign up.”

- Sunil K. Gulati, Former President, U.S. Soccer Federation

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