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Our son plays U11 competitive soccer. He has been training with BFA for the past year and half.  This is in addition to his regular 3-times a week club practices.  Roger and his coaches have provided our son with a different type of 1st-class training that isn't provided at his club.  There is only so much a club can offer within their guidelines and the club's unique developmental approach.  Because of BFA, my son's overall technical ability and skills have dramatically improved, far beyond what the club provides. Roger's professional, yet encouraging, friendly approach has helped tremendously to build our son's confidence and mastery of foot skills.  Most players have experienced a season of self-doubt or may just get burnt out. Just when our son was considering quitting soccer, Roger was able to slowly and consistency revive his passion for the game. Roger was able to do this with his positive approach and his magnificent understanding of soccer and children.  BFA has been the perfect complement to our son's club soccer training by providing a different approach focusing on the art of playing the game and mastering ball control, instead of the mentality of playing to win at all costs. Roger brings his unique passion and expertise of the unparalleled Brazilian style and is the perfect complement to the local club or the up-and-coming player.

~ Lisa, mother of U11 competitive club soccer player



"My daughter and her teammates (U13) trained with Roger and his Brazilian Futebol Academy (BFA) staff for 3 months this past year. As their head coach I can say, without doubt, that each of the players demonstrated significant improvement in their technical ability and spatial awareness after training with BFA. Almost immediately, in both practice and games, we saw much improved first touches, increased confidence on the ball and a better understanding of combination play. The training sessions are very well organized, dynamic and fun. Roger and his staff are very kind people, they treated our players with respect and they provided detailed, valuable feedback to each player throughout their experience. I would highly recommend BFA to any coach or parent looking to improve their players’ technical and tactical abilities. " 

- Keith, father and coach (Girls U13 competitive club)

"Both my daughter who plays club (U11) and son who plays DA (U13) have trained with Roger at the BFA either during his Sunday morning futsal sessions at Miramar or at the Spring and Summer soccer camps at SDCCU Stadium. There is no doubt they have both improved their close-in foot skills as a result. Each session is focused and well-organized and run at a high-intensity. The training drills are played with multiple balls in play with active movement ensuring hundreds of touches and a good cardio-workout. Roger and the BFA staff find the right balance in the sessions by keeping the kids focused and on-task in the group whilst making sure they are having fun and are motivated to train hard.

- Neal, father of U11 and U13 competitive players.

"Brazilian Futebol Academy (BFA) has been a great experience for my children, Daniel (17) and David (15). They benefited tremendously from the focused attention on skills, the small-group clinics, and especially from the personal input from the BFA staff. My sons have both played on teams that have competed and won at the state level in California - BFA still provided them excellent teaching on how to improve their game and how to think about the game. Highly Recommended!"

- Mother of u18 and u16 competitive players.

"The expertise of the BFA coaching staff is unlike any experience we’ve ever had in the last 10 years that we’ve been involved in the soccer community. The training is individually tailored to improve their skills set. No other skills clinic or camp comes close to the professional training and development that BFA provides."

- Claudia, mother of U18 competitive player.


"The BFA training has helped me in all areas of play, from a physical standpoint to a mental standpoint, as a soccer player.  During the sessions we do drills that one would not do during a club practice, hence has taken my game to the next level." 

- Diego, 17, competitive player.


"I’m Aliza, from Mexico City, my kids Eli and Mark, 10 and 7, have taken this camp for 5 years now, I think it has great attention, very personalized, with great coaches, very prepared people. Every time we return from taking the camp their coaches in Mexico are impressed by the great progress and techniques with which they return. I highly recommend BFA!!!!
Thanks a lot!!!"

- Mother of U11 and U8 soccer players.


"My two sons 6 and 8 joined BFA several months ago and are loving it. The team is professional. My boys are improving their soccer skills and are having lots of fun. Thank you BFA!"

-Mother of U7 and U9 soccer players.

"The Brazilian Futebol Academy camp was fantastic for our 10 year old, soccer loving, little boy. His passion for soccer was enough for us that we traveled from Arizona to attend this camp and we were not disappointed. Roger and the other coaches were amazing! They were kind, funny, knowledgeable and determined to teach the  kids great skills while making it fun. We were very impressed and have already booked our trip back to San Diego for next summer so our son can attend again! Thank you so much BFA, we loved every second!"  
- Tiffany, Brendin’s mom

"You know it is a good thing when your daughter looks forward to going every week.  My daughter (U11) has been going to Brazilian Futebol Academy twice per week for the last four months and loves it.  Her confidence, aggressiveness, and speed has greatly improved.  In the tournament this past weekend, her coach said she went into “beast mode”.  She played so well and we won the championship.  I highly recommend BFA for any player looking to improve their skills, play a different position, get more playing time, or make their preferred team. BFA is awesome!" 

- Ben, father of U11 competitive player    

"During my son’s soccer league winter downtime from Xolos, Tijuana, I was looking for training. This was from December 2018 to January 2019. My son is 10 years old and has been playing soccer for 5 years.  I found Brazilian Futebol Academy searching online for camps & training.  I called the Academy and asked if we could stop by and view the training.  They were nice enough to let my son participate the day we stopped by.

As I was watching my son go through the training session, I noticed after about 30 minutes he was improving his ball handling skills. I would say within an hour of watching I was convinced this would be a good place for my son to learn soccer.  I decided to wait until later that night and talk to my son and see if he wanted to continue.  My son was excited about the academy and I enrolled him on our next visit.  We placed him in the Academy for a month and this was 2 days a week training.

After 2 weeks of training at BFA, my son’s soccer league set up an impromptu friendly match with a team outside of the league.  I wasn’t expecting my son to play a soccer match yet for a few weeks, but since I wasn’t able to take him and so my wife took him.  My wife had not seen my son play soccer in quite some time before that.  When they got home and we talked about the game, she reported that he played very well, better confidence, improved skills.  She was very surprised at how much he’s improved, and this was after only 4 sessions at the Academy.

My son eventually finished the month of training and returned to his league training. My son is doing well on his team, more confident and he’s improved in developing his ball handling skills.  As the season is progressing, I noticed my son is getting more playing time due to his improved playing abilities. 

We eventually decided to keep my son training at the Academy for one day a week.  My son really likes the coach & the other kids he trains with. I highly recommend Brazilian Futebol Academy, the results for our son have been very good and the coaches work well with the kids.  Now we are looking forward to summer camps at BFA during their July & August 2019 sessions."
Best regards,
- Mr. A. Lemus

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